Created by patients, caregivers, staff and providers, this storytelling initiative embraces the power of listening as a form of care.

The project aspires to help people become better listeners and enhance the well-being of our community. Storytelling builds compassion, strengthens relationships, and allows us to discover ourselves in others.

We have designed a recording line, an immersive exhibit, and an online experience as a welcoming environment for listening and sharing.

The initiative launches at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) during Penn Medicine Experience Week on October 14, 2019, and will travel across the Penn Medicine System throughout 2019-2020.

Selection Process

The stories featured in this initiative have been selected by a team of patients, caregivers, staff and providers at Penn Medicine. The following criteria have been developed to ensure transparency, consensus and comfort with the selection process for all.

  • We welcome any story, including those that may be challenging or are still unfolding.

  • We are seeking stories from patients, caregivers, staff, and providers from across Penn Medicine.

  • We are seeking stories about listening and being listened to, especially those that have helped you be more present, compassionate, and empowered.

  • We are seeking stories that can be de-identified of personal information.

  • We recognize and respect that storytelling can reveal vulnerabilities in individuals, relationships and communities.

  • We acknowledge that there is an emotional truth to all stories.

While we are not seeking stories of complaint or compliment concerning past or current medical care, Patient and Guest Relations staff will review all stories to insure no complaint has been received.

The stories will then be presented to the story selection committee, which will review the stories based on the criteria for inclusion in the recording line, exhibit and/or website.


Download our 'Pocket Guide to Mindful Listening' (PDF), which has been designed to affirm your desire to listen intentionally and help us better care for one another.

Download our 'Pocket Guide to Sharing Your Story' (PDF), which has been designed to support your participation and story development.

Download our 'Pocket Guide for Using Stories' (PDF) to help you nurture a culture of storytelling.

Download our 'Frequently Asked Questions handout' (PDF) for more information.