This initiative is made possible through the contributions of the following institutional partners and individuals. Contact us to learn more about the different ways you can participate.


The Penn Medicine Listening Lab project is sponsored by the Patient Experience Leadership Team (PELT) which is a team of administrative and clinical leaders selected from across the system charged with creating and sustaining service excellence across Penn Medicine.


Penn Medicine Academy’s (PMA) Patient Experience team facilitates PELT and acts as the implementation arm for system wide initiatives focused on the Penn Medicine Experience. PMA acted as the lead partner in the creation and implementation of the Listening Lab Exhibit.

Slought is a non-profit arts and culture organization on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. Slought acted as the lead content producer and facilitated the design process.

The Health Ecologies Lab at the University of Pennsylvania is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of students and scholars committed to creating a space for public programming and study about the medical humanities. The lab acted as the lead partner for student contributions and course integration.


The Listening Lab was conceived and is led by Aaron Levy, PhD, Senior Lecturer in English and the History of Art at the University of Pennsylvania and Special Advisor, Health and Humanities Initiatives, Penn Medicine Academy. Special thanks to the undergraduate students in his Literature of Care course.


Karen Anderson, HUP
Ara Chalian, M.D., CPUP
Alyson Cole, HUP
Susan Crow, LG Health
Joshua Franklin, University of Pennsylvania
Geri Karpiscak, PMPH
Stephanie Kindt, CORP
Aaron Levy, University of Pennsylvania
Craig Loundas, CORP
Anita McGinn–Natali,  HUP PFAC
Jeff Millstein, M.D., RPG
Eileen Murphy, PAH
Eric Purnell, CORP
Mary Beth Schweigert, LG Health
Melisa Stanton, PPMC
Kaitlin Szaraz, CORP
Teya Sepinuck, HUP PFAC
Leigh Wetterau, CORP


Exhibition design and planning by Ken Saylor

Graphic design by
Jonatan Eriksson

Photography by
Eddy Marenco

Sound design by
James Merle Thomas


The following entities and individuals coordinated the photographs of intimate moments of listening by patients, caregivers, staff and providers featured in the exhibit:

Good Shepherd Penn Partners, Carrey Gerber and Lauren Malecki

Princeton Health, Geralyn Karpiscak and Kaitlan Andrew

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, Leighann Mazzone and John Flamma

Pennsylvania Hospital, Beth Ann Pyle

Lancaster General Health, Susan Crow and Rebecca McCarron

Access Center, Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania, Tiffany Smith and Sonia Vitullo


Jessica Anderson, Fran Barg, Annabel Berney, Isabelle Breier, Alex Chen, Priya Dalmia, Lynn Hur, and Deborah Thomas

We also acknowledge the contributions of Chris Myers and his students in the Design for Understanding course at The University of the Arts